This is the Story

I started researching natural health products because of RSI problems following 10 years of working at a computer with bad wrist posture and the burning pain was beginning to hurt on a regular basis.

After no luck with keyboard rests I discovered Curcumin and the Health Point machine to help the inflammation and it got quite a bit better and with a new mouse and lower work load it has almost gone completely.

In my mid thirties I also began with Rosacea, which is where the skin on your face tries to turn red. The doctors don’t know what it is and there’s a lot of smoke & mist on the internet. There are over 200 activation types, with no particular pattern, which indicates to me it’s genetic or diet. If you leave it unchecked it will turn your face red and sore. I tried many treatments from the doctor, the topical ones are very slow to do anything. The best for me are tetracycline type antibiotics that have the wonderful side-effect of reducing skin inflammation very efficiently. So I begun wondering whether or not Curcumin could be a natural help for it. Maybe some time soon the doctors will enforce no-tetracycline for the fear of generating resistance. For anti-bio’ I have to take a break after a few months to try and stop bacteria resistance building up. During this time I take CurcuminX4000 to try and hold the condition until the rest period is gone. It seems to work reasonably well… but tetracycline is the ultimate for me by a long shot.

I started Natural Health For You (est 2011) to bring to the front products I have known or know to be of high quality. Kind Regards,


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