HealthPoint™ MicroCurrent Stimulator

HealthPoint™ MicroCurrent Stimulator
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HealthPoint – Enables You To Become A Master Of Acupressure – Without Needles

Tried and tested over many years, the HealthPoint now has many improved features to make it even easier for you to gain all the benefits of top class acupuncture, without needles.

  • Compact, solid design
  • New stainless steel, easy clean finger grip
  • All leads included - Gold Probe, Auricular Clips for stress management and Cotton Bud Probe for eye treatment (*If required)
  • Secure fittings for lead and battery
  • Easy to treat other people and animals just with the tip of the machine
  • All controls recessed to avoid inadvertent movement and clearly visible in use

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HealthPoint™ Essential Microcurrent Stimulation has been used for the past 10 years to treat Macular Degeneration and other eye diseases. The initial results obtained by individual Doctors in the USA indicate that 70% of patients with the dry or wet form of macular degeneration will have a significant improvement of vision. Read more

HealthPoint™ also gives you, 'The Power Of Acupuncture - without Needles', For more info click: HealthPoint™ Information

HealthPoint Kit is supplied complete with 160 Condition Treatment Manual, HealthPoint Treatment Device, Training DVD, Remote Treatment Probes, Quickstart Guide, Vinyl Case Let Our Customers tell you about HealthPoint

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