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  • A healthy immune system is your best friend

A healthy immune system is your best friend

When you think of your body as a friend, it’s so much easier to treat it well. Instead of viewing your body as the enemy – battling the bulge of weight gain, feeding it infl ammatory foods, and running it into the ground with too much work and not enough play – think of it as a lifelong friend who has always been there for you. Your body does so much more than you give it credit for. This is all made possible by the help of a strong and wellfunctioning immune system.

When your immune system is naturally healthy, it is truly the best friend you can have.


A healthy immune system is your best friendYour immune system is not only a great friend, it is an intricately functioning defence mechanism that science has only begun to uncover. You may not consider your immune system until it is too late – when you come down with a cold, when your allergies flare up, or when you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

It’s then you realize: Your friend, your ally, your immune system has been trying to tell you something all along. Your immune system is one of the best friends you will ever have because it is designed to protect. Your immune system alerts you of danger early on. Your immune system throws up red fl ags before a more serious health problem arises, indicating that it is in desperate need of some TLC.

Pro-immunity TLC comes in the form of rest, exercise, and nourishment. Without the proper nutrition, your immunity will be mediocre at best. Powerful nutrition can directly strengthen immunity to reduce the risk of illness and disease. A weak and poorly nourished immune system may exhibit early warning signs like fatigue, dull skin or brown patches on the skin, frequent illness like respiratory infections, sudden weight loss or weight gain, and slow wound healing.

If your immune system is crying “danger,” it is the voice of a trusted friend who is only trying to help.

Supporting and regulating immunity is critical, both for the present and the future. Static factors can infl uence your immunity from birth – for example, breastfeeding can change a baby’s gut microbiota and may influence susceptibility to allergies and asthma – but your in-born immune system is not your permanent lot in life.1

Early immunity, supported by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who eat Really Healthy Foods, can give a baby the best chance of entering the world with a strong best friend by its side, a robust immune system. But even if immunological factors are working against you, and you have been suffering from weak immunity for far too long, you still have a fighting chance. Researchers have discovered that your immune system can be educated. You can strengthen immunity by giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Really Healthy Foods, rich in antioxidants and free from starchy carbs and sugar, are a prime contributor to superior immune health. As the Cleveland Clinic confirms, your diet plays an integral role in strengthening your immune system.2 Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other Really Healthy Foods full of vitamins and minerals, coupled with restful sleep and regular exercise, can literally change your immunity.

Inflammatory foods from our modern Western diet have the opposite effect. Some of your favourite foods may be sabotaging your immune health.


Your immune system’s job is to protect – it wards off foreign invaders and infection that can enter the body to cause illness and disease. Even “innocent” foreign invaders, like processed, sugary foods, place a burden on your already fragile immune system.

Sugar is not a friend to your body, and it is not a friend to your immunity.

Eating sugary foods is like eating disease. Sugary treats and foods rich in starchy carbohydrates, like breads, pastas, cereals, white rice, pastries, and cookies, are the reason you can’t seem to get and stay healthy, improve energy, or lose that extra weight. These foods are a drain on your immune system and a contaminant to your body. Even worse, they open the door to inflammation, increasing your risk of chronic disease.

This is information we’ve known for some time but have been unwilling to admit. Way back in 1973, a study was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that changed how we thought about sugar and immune health. Researchers discovered that eating 100g of sugar, equivalent to three cans of soda, greatly inhibited the white blood cells’ ability to kill off bacteria for up to five hours afterward.3

In no uncertain terms, the sugary foods you eat are destroying your immunity. That’s no way to treat a friend.


Really Healthy Foods lay the foundation for natural immunity. Immune-boosting nutrients offer daily support to keep your immune system running strong:

1. Vitamin D3: The sunshine vitamin, which your skin needs daily from both supplementation and moderate sun exposure, is a potent immune-strengthener when combined with other super- nutrients. Selenium works with vitamin D3 to help the body resist infection. Epicor, a specialty pro-immunity ingredient made from natural brewer’s yeast, has seven human clinical studies published to back its revitalizing effect on immune health.

2. Probiotics: Taking a daily probiotic is a guaranteed immune win – probiotics can boost immunity from within. A digestive system teeming with diverse microbes helps to ward off infection and defend against disease. Soil Based Organisms provide the most beneficial probiotic boost in a supplement since they come from the same microflora found along a healthy human G.I. tract.

3. Olive Leaf Extract: The olive tree is known for its beauty and its powerful healing properties derived from a phenolic compound called Oleuropein. Oleuropein, found in olive leaf extract, is naturally disease-resistant with wide clinical backing; the olive leaf has been used since ancient times to repel parasites, fungi, flu, and bacterial infection.

4. Silver Spray: Doctor-recommended silver spray offers long-lasting immune support to reinforce your body’s natural defence system. Silver has been used as a family-friendly immune remedy for more than 2500 years. Taking just 10 ppm of silver per day as an oral spray can reduce fatigue and increase immunity without any known side effects.

Improving immunity is easy when you think of it as caring for a dear friend. With a balanced plan that includes rest, exercise, anti-inflammatory foods, and nutrients, your body’s first line of defence has never looked better.



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