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  • All you wanted to know about Serrapeptase

All you wanted to know about Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is proteolytic enzyme. Its anti-inflammation properties are powerful. It digests the inflammatory tissue. Serrapeptase was first found in the microbes that were present in intestines of silkworms. It is used for making holes in cocoons for moths to emerge. It is also used by the worm for digesting mulberry leaves that its feeds on. Now vats are used for processing Serrapeptase. It is harvested in clinical conditions not involving silkworms. In other words, silkworms are not harmed in this process.

The working of Serrapeptase

The enzyme digests non-living tissues like all forms of inflammation, arterial blocks, blood clots and cysts. It is used widely for clinical purposes throughout Asia and Europe. It is a practical alternative to ibuprofen, Salicylates and the powerful NSAIDs. It is physiologic, naturally occurring agent that does not inhibit prostaglandins and is devoid of side effects on the gastrointestinal system, unlike the other drugs.

Fundamentally Serrapeptase works by reducing reactions in tissues, inhibiting release of the inflammatory mediators like histamines. It brings about breakdown of the fibrinose tissue. It reduces the viscosity of the exudates. It breaks such substances into amino acids that are harmless and that are tackled by the human body as regular waste products. This enzyme literally digests inflammatory tissues.

Side effects of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is being used for nearly 30 years. It is not known to cause any serious negative effects. There is just one case where a man suffered from lung infection that was actually attributed to use of this enzyme however this allegation has been questioned widely. This is the only case reported among the countless users in the past 30 years. Serrapeptase does not have any known reaction with the prescribed drugs except for making their use redundant.

The way to take Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is offered in capsule and tablet form. It should be coated enterically so that it is not dissolved by acids present in stomach and passes into intestine to be absorbed safely into bloodstream. Also, it is available in combination with other minerals and enzymes to offer even more potent supplements like SAMe, Serrapeptase  Plus and Serra enzyme to name a few. You will find health plans that are ideal for your specific condition/s with general advice on and suggestions for healthy living and supplements to optimize likelihood of recovery.

The amount of Serrapeptase that could be taken

As aforementioned, no negative effects have been seen in nearly 3 decades of its usage. A lot of people take extremely high doses for speeding up relief for instance in sports injuries. This could be high like 30 a day with no negative effects of any kind, except faster recovery.

Who all can take Serrapeptase?

Anyone can take Serrapeptase, even children aged two years and above.

How does Serrapeptase benefit a number of different conditions?

Serrapeptase digests inflamed and dead tissues that result in most of the symptoms in a body. The health conditions that Serrapeptase is able to tackle effectively are varicose veins, circulatory problems, lung diseases like bronchitis, bronchiecstasis, asthma and emphysema, pain problems like muscles, joints, arthritis and MS, sinus, ENT problems, cysts, lesions, post-operative bleeding, blood clots, migraines, arterial plaque and enlarged prostrate.

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