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  • Clinically-tested collagen promotes active joints and youthful skin - Growing Younger Every Day

Clinically-tested collagen promotes active joints and youthful skin - Growing Younger Every Day

We're living longer with the potential to live better, but the quality of our skin has not caught up. A 2017 study out of Stony Brook University reveals that we've moved the mark again on the cut-off for ageing. Countries like Germany, the US, China and Iran may soon redefine parameters for old age based on their country's unique life expectancies. 70 could become the new 60, and with old age suspended, we deserve to look as good as we feel.


Ageing WrinklesMaintaining health and activity is of the utmost importance, but one of the quickest 'tells' of age is the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It's exposed to the sun and the elements day in and day out. The delicate, thin skin around the eyes may be the first place to show signs of exhaustion, sun damage, and crow's feet. Wrinkles around the eyes often cause us to look older than our age.

Wrinkles appear around the eyes first, and then in other areas of the skin, when collagen begins to break down under the surface. Collagen is the main protein in our connective tissue, and it is also the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen is what makes the skin feel soft, springy and smooth.

Time is not on our side when it comes to maintaining collagen levels that keep the skin youthful and strong. Collagen can be broken down by external factors, like pollution and sun exposure. Add to that a high-sugar, high-carbohydrate diet and collagen is further destroyed when sugar abnormally reacts with proteins and fats in a process called glycation.


If signs of collagen breakdown from sun exposure and diet are already evident in the skin, help must come from an outside source. BioCell Collagen has been clinically proven to refresh ageing skin and support healthy joints, made from a patented and highly-absorbable formulation of hydrolysed collagen type Il, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate. BioCell Collagen is biologically active and may stimulate new growth in the skin. The hydrolysed collagen type Il in BioCell Collagen has JOINT b SKIN MATRIXTM been shown to trigger cells to synthesise Joint & Skin MatrixTM is new collagen type Il, with the potential to made with Biocell Collagen regenerate damaged cartilage.

Taking BioCell Collagen as a supplement can hydrate the skin and counteract fine  which ensures increased lines and wrinkles caused by the sun. In 2012 study conducted on 26 sun-damaged subjects, taking 1g of BioCell Collagen a day for 12 weeks resulted in a significant reduction in wrinkles and dryness and a significant increase in collagen.

BioCell Collagen renews the skin and supports the joints as a by-product. Taking BioCell Collagen daily has been shown to improve joint pain by up to 89 per cent. To keep the skin and the body healthy and active, collagen holds the key. Taking more bioavailable collagen at any age can help to reverse the wear-and-tear of ageing.

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