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  • Could sleeping naked hold the key to good health? Sleep Naked, Get Healthier

Could sleeping naked hold the key to good health? Sleep Naked, Get Healthier

If you change one little habit to get healthy this year. let it be this - change the way you sleep.


Sleep NakedYour body needs good sleep and lots of it to replenish, repair and restore each day. But as many of us have come to find out the hard way, there are numerous small and seemingly minute factors that can affect our sleep. We already know that length and quality of sleep matter, but now researchers propose that specifics in sleep style can have an Impact too. University of Amsterdam researchers discovered, with study results published in Brain, that lowering skin temperature can help to increase sleep depth and reduce the frequency of night waking. 1

Sleeping unclothed is one of the best ways to lower your body's temperature without touching the thermostat in the room.

This simple sleep "hack" comes with profound benefits. Sleeping in your birthday suit can help your body to better regulate its temperature to facilitate a deeper and more restful sleep. For men, sleeping naked has been linked to a better sperm quality. Sleeping naked — and thus bringing the body to a lower temperature — could also have a rejuvenating effect by stimulating the release of anti-aging hormones, including melatonin and the growth hormone, that can help to regenerate skin and hair.

Many sleep experts view sleeping naked as the missing piece that may stand in the way between millions of people and a good night's sleep. Since sleeping naked can automatically lower the body's temperature and bring it Into a more restful state, It brings with It the many benefits that come With better sleep Deep, restful, and consistent sleep can help to maintain emotional balance and promote mental health, reduce the risk of the common cold, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. 2,3,4



The good news is that a growing number of us are already one step ahead. Based on the results of the first international Bedroom Poll conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, at least one third of the people in the UK sleep naked and may already be reaping these health benefits.5

Sleeping naked sets the scene for a restful and restorative night ahead by helping your body to cool and relax.

Taking relaxation nutrients before bed can support this process and may help to make sleep even deeper. Vitamin B3, taken along with the anti-aging hormone melatonin, can provide benefits to reduce insomnia, anxiety, and jet tag, white correcting a melatonin deficiency. Vitamins B3 and B6, taken with the melatonin precursor L-Tryptophan and the caffeine side effect neutraliser L-Theanine, can have a similar calming effect to promote healthy sleep patterns by reducing stress and night-time restlessness.

Making a few simple changes each night before bed can dramatically improve your quality of sleep. Sleep naked and supplement with the right relaxation nutrients, and you might be out before your head hits the pillow.


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