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  • Silver Ions, The Amazing Alternative To Antibiotics - Colloidal Silver is simple and effective, but there’s no profit in it for the drug companies...

Silver Ions, The Amazing Alternative To Antibiotics - Colloidal Silver is simple and effective, but there’s no profit in it for the drug companies...

Super bugs have plagued our hospitals over recent years. We’ve read horror stories of minor procedures resulting in life-threatening bacterial, viral and fungal infections; life-threatening because they are resistant to antibiotics. It is heartening to learn of an amazing alternative that combats such bugs. Colloidal Silver is simple and effective. It’s been used for family protection for 2,500 years and is perfectly safe with no harmful side-effects.

Standard Colloidal Silver consists of a suspension of fine particles dispersed in a gas or liquid. Hydrosol Silver is an innovative form with only pure water as the medium. It provides ultra pure/ultra small Silver ion particles which deliver precise levels of functional Silver at safe and non-toxic levels. It’s a case of small is beautiful. The smaller the Colloidal Silver particle, the more healing power it has. Studies show that the Hydrosol Ionic form is up to 10,000 times more effective.

Silver Ions - amazing


Tried and Tested

This very broad spectrum antimicrobial agent has been found completely non- toxic to humans and animals at any level tested. American Biotech Labs currently holds more than 190 independent studies from more than 60 different private, US government, military, and also university labs. These studies include more

than an estimated 10,000 individual antimicrobial tests. For example, a Nano-Silver product has effectively eliminated malaria from the bloodstream in an average of just 4 days. In another study at a US government NIH lab, Ionic Silver increased the survival rate of mice from 30% to 60% against the deadly H5-N1 Bird Flu virus, when used orally on a daily basis. In a scientific paper, the T lymphocyte count of 7 human HIV patients was demonstrated to increase by an average of almost 40% when just 2 ounces were administered daily over 4 months. There is evidence that Silver also combats TB, MRSA, Hepatitis B, HIV, yeast, and several other pathogens.

In hospitals, Colloidal Silver has been used to prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease in the hospital water supply. It was also used in the eyes of newborns to prevent a blinding infection that was once commonplace. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of resistance to Silver’s place in medicine. While regulatory authorities and organizations recognize it as a powerful germ killing agent, medical authorities still question it. However, a few hospitals quietly produce their own formulations for patients to use when antibiotic treatment has failed.

Potent Without Patent

In spite of the overwhelming evidence that offers such great hope in an increasingly virulent war against human infections and wound healing difficulties, you won't see Silver in its most safe and potent form available for use in standard health care in the foreseeable future. Why? Because there is no proven drug effect in the action of isolated Silver, and it is difficult to establish guidelines for use inside the body, which is required to formalise a medicinal substance. For instance, taking 2 aspirin will likely rid the average person of a headache. A 14 day regime of Tetracycline will rid the body of its targeted infection under normal treatment situations. With isolated Colloidal Silver it might only take one teaspoon, or many ounces, from 45 minutes to a few days, for the relief of a common cold or sore throat. With the same type of infection, the required dosage levels can vary from one person to the next, even with the same batch of isolated Colloidal Silver.

Couple this factor with the lack of commercial motivation: the expense of gaining formal approval for a product that cannot be patented. In today's business world, research and development money is allocated to products and technologies that offer the widest possible profit compared to the cost of production and marketing.

Explore the world of Silver medicine and you will learn about its potential benefit as a tissue healing agent, an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and health-promoting substance.



HYDROSOL SILVER IONS Is an easily absorbed topical spray formula. 158 studies have demonstrated the ionic form of Silver is up to 10,000 times more effective than colloidal Silver.