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  • Statin confision - a must read before you consider cholesterol lowering drugs

Statin confision - a must read before you consider cholesterol lowering drugs

Statins are controversial. Your doctor may prescribe statins as a means to lower cholesterol.

Statin medications reduce cholesterol production in the liver to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. In order to do this, statins block a liver enzyme that helps make cholesterol.

Statin confusionWhy would a doctor prescribe this kind of drug when your body needs cholesterol? Statins are intended to lower cholesterol production and even help your body resorb blood cholesterol that can build up as plaque on arterial walls. The purpose is to prevent blood vessel blockages and future heart attacks.

But statins cannot save your life. High cholesterol is not a disease that needs drug treatment. High cholesterol may be a warning of an unhealthy lifestyle, except in rare cases of genetic issues. When you change your life, you can change your cholesterol levels – without dependence on potentially harmful drugs.

Let’s not forget that statins come with side effects. Some of the most common side effects include headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, weakness, and muscle pain. Statin warnings caution users about possible mental confusion, memory loss, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes side effects.

In rare, serious cases, side effects may include muscle inflammation, elevated CPK levels that can cause muscle pain and weakness, and rhabdomyolysis, a painful muscle condition that can affect the kidneys.

Research indicates that almost one in five statin users suffer from side effects. The only side effect of changing your life is renewed health.


It may comfort you to know that not every physician is behind statin use. Statins start arguments among health experts: Some believe statin use is essential to prevent heart disease and stroke. Other health professionals feel quite the opposite.

Dr. Haroun Gajraj is a vascular surgeon who thinks that statins are not necessary for heart health. He says, “After looking more closely at the research, I’d concluded that statins were not going to save me from a heart attack and that my cholesterol levels were all but irrelevant.”1

How did this respected surgeon come to this conclusion? From his account, Dr. Gajraj discovered that he had extraordinarily high cholesterol levels in a routine health checkup eight years ago. His blood cholesterol was almost twice the recommended maximum amount.

Dr. Gajraj was prescribed statins, intended to lower cholesterol and possibly prevent heart disease and stroke. He took this medication for eight years to manage his condition. After examining the research further, he decided that statins were not the answer to prevent a heart attack.

Once Dr. Gajraj quit taking statins, he had his blood tested again. His new blood cholesterol level after three months off statins was lower than his blood cholesterol had ever been on medication. What did this surgeon do to change his cholesterol? Dr. Gajraj chose to eliminate sugar and starchy carbs and eat healthy animal fats.

He explains, “Just lowering cholesterol with drugs without sorting out the dietary and lifestyle factors that actually cause heart disease is nonsensical.”


These simple lifestyle changes apply to cholesterol, as well as serious health conditions like stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and most heart diseases.

Show this plan to your doctor before you agree to a statin prescription:

1. Supplement with missing nutrients.

Cholesterol has long been blamed for heart disease, but it is not the real enemy. Research now shows that cholesterol is not the primary cause of heart disease: You can blame oxidation and inflammation. Missing nutrients are needed to calm inflammation and prevent oxidation that can cause cholesterol to harden in the arteries. Fat-soluble antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 is essential to the healthy function of every cell in the body; low levels of CoQ10 have been linked to high blood pressure, heart attack, angina, and even obesity.

2. Stop eating starchy carbs.

What you eat directly affects inflammation and oxidation in your body, contributing to hardened cholesterol in the arteries. If you are considering statins, it is now more important than ever to stop eating starchy carbs and high sugar foods and drinks. These unnatural foods are the main cause of heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

3. Walk for a minimum of 5 miles a day.

Exercise is one important and natural way to strengthen your health. On the road to heart health, daily physical activity can’t be overlooked. Begin walking every day and build up to a goal of 5 miles per day. Once you reach this goal, continue walking at a fast pace using Nordic poles. Daily, low- impact exercise like this relieves stress and strengthens the circulatory system. We now know that statins aren’t the solution for a healthy heart. More than 55 per cent of doctors are against the levels of statins currently prescribed and would not recommend the medication for themselves or their families.

Your heart does need support to continue beating strong for the rest of your life. Lifestyle changes are essential. Exercise lays the foundation. Supplementing with essential nutrients like CoQ10 can restore heart function.

Your heart needs extra CoQ10 to ward off disease and attack. Statins can inhibit CoQ10 absorption through the diet. Strong, healthy heart tissue requires a large amount of energy to beat regularly – meaning that it needs the largest amounts of CoQ10 to function optimally day after day. CoQ10 supplements have been proven to greatly benefit those with failing cardiac systems by providing noticeable strength and vigor.


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