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  • Take Vitamin K for bones, blood clotting, heart health and longevity

Take Vitamin K for bones, blood clotting, heart health and longevity

Vitamin K is one of the main vitamins needed to maintain bone and heart health and support blood clotting. Getting enough vitamin K can even help you live longer.


Two forms of vitamin K can be in our diet. Vitamin Kl (phylloquinone) primarily found in green leafy vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts, while vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is found in animal products, such as egg yolk, butter, cheese and chicken breast.

VitaminsYour gut also produces vitamin K2, and you can help this process along by taking a daily soil-based probiotic. Vitamin K3 is the synthetic version of vitamin K and is most often used in pet food. Compared to vitamins K and K2, taking synthetic K3 is not recommended.

If you need more vitamin K, start with your diet and eat Really Healthy Foods rich in vitamin K. However, most people can't eat enough healthy foods to correct a vitamin deficiency and so:

  • Supplementing vitamin K2 as a capsule or sublingual spray can provide the greatest possible health benefits.
  • Vitamin K2 is the primary form to take since it's sent straight to the bones, tissues and blood vessel walls.
  • A vitamin K1 supplement can be helpful in smaller amounts since it's sent straight to the liver.

Vitamin K has been called the coagulation vitamin because it activates proteins in the liver responsible for blood clotting. Increasing vitamin K can help to remedy excess bleeding and bruising. Beyond its effect on the blood, researchers have long examined vitamin ICs positive impact on bone mineral density. A sign of vitamin K deficiency is weak bones; supplementing with vitamin K may protect against osteoporosis and decrease fracture risk. Dutch researchers found that taking vitamin K2 at a higher dose compared to a lower dose led to a 57 per cent reduction in deaths.

Vitamin K2 may reduce recurrence and was associated with better liver cancer survival rates when reviewed by Japanese researchers in 2015. And getting enough vitamin K, in regard to cancer and other age-related diseases, can increase longevity.


The power of vitamin K is known by all. The EU register of nutrition has even allowed health claims for it, to use for 'normal blood clotting and the maintenance of bones', which confirms what the studies have shown. To receive these many benefits and more, vitamin K2 can be taken as a supplement along with vitamin K1 or vitamin D3. Vitamin K2 taken in its two forms - MK-4 and MK-7 along with K1, can increase absorption and allow for 24-hour bioavailability. Vitamin K2 taken with Vitamin D3 can better enhance calcium absorption, preventing it from reaching high levels that are harmful to the body.

Vitamin K2 is powerful, but works better as part of a team. Your health can be transformed by taking the right type of vitamin K with the right supporting nutrients.

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