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  • The link between Curcumin and diseases

The link between Curcumin and diseases

Studies related to Curcumin and treatment of breast cancer have been conducted only using test tubes or animal models. They are thought of as “preliminary”. The general opinion is that the evidence available is not sufficient to suggest need for any clinical trials on human volunteers. Another reason for this could be effectiveness of treatments that are currently available.

Treating many kinds of cancer is difficult. The treatments offered currently may have low rate of success, cause many undesirable side effects and even result in the formation of other cancers. Besides cancer, there are many other diseases that are not easy to treat. This is the reason researchers are on the lookout for less conventional yet probably more effective substances that exist in nature.

There is nothing unusual in this. Among the drugs that are in use currently for reducing levels of cholesterol is a substance that occurs naturally in yeast red rice. It is a mold species. The other drugs that are available are just synthetic varieties of substances that occur naturally. We have taken the help of nature earlier for treating diseases. Hence there is really no reason why we do not continue doing so.

Currently no clinical trials are being performed with regards to Curcumin and treatment of breast cancer however trials are underway in relation to the effect of the compound in treating colon, pancreatic and other kinds of cancer besides an independent trial with reference to Alzheimer’s. Cancers on which studies are being conducted are not easy to treat. They have no rates of survival.

Mean expectancy of life of an individual who is suffering from Alzheimer’s is presently seven years. The treatment that is being given is not effective however it has been found that CurcuminX4000, a compound of turmeric, prevents damage to the brain and also repairs damage that had occurred earlier in the animal models. This is the reason why more clinical studies need to be conducted on Curcumin. Alzheimer’s is an ailment that must be treated and we must know how.

The focus is mostly on prevention as well as early detection. A healthy diet, physical activity and also regular checkups are recommended. These are things that conventional medical community recommends as it is conservative. Less conventional yet probably more helpful is the notion of ensuring ideal nutritional intake.

The fact that is established is that chronic nutrient deficiencies are responsible for many diseases and disorders. Severe nutritional deficiencies might have been eliminated in the industrialized societies however not much attention is being paid to long-term nutrient deficits.

The nutrient intakes that are recommended daily depend on the observing populations and considering the quantity that is required for preventing diseases. The amount of nutrients that a person requires every day is not known however one thing that is certain is that a regular diet fails to provide sufficient essential nutrients for achieving good health.

Studies that are carried out are published regularly with regards to the value of certain nutrients and dietary components to prevent life-threatening, chronic diseases. Some recent ones were related to red wine, caffeine, vitamin D, tea catechins, resveratrol and caffeine. They benefit the brain, heart and all body cells because cancer cells could form anywhere.

Eventually the researchers might start studying the link between Curcumin and treatment or prevention of breast cancer. Till then, take the right multi-nutritional supplement every day.

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