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  • Why fulvic minerals could be the key to cellular health and longevity - Mineral Magic

Why fulvic minerals could be the key to cellular health and longevity - Mineral Magic

Fulvic minerals are now considered to be the most important nutrient discovery of the past 100 years. Due to their many nutritional components, including antioxidant and electrolytic power, ounce for ounce, they are believed to be more therapeutic, revitalising and restorative than other nutrients according to scientists.

Fulvic minerals are thought to 'dramatically increase permeability of bio-membranes' meaning that they can sensitise cell membranes, allowing for better absorption of nutrients and improved energy levels. l Many of the minerals' other benefits include a more sound and restful sleep, improved general health and vitality, along with relief for aches and pains.

Scientists have studied fulvic minerals in depth and found that they contain all the antioxidant minerals including organic selenium, zinc, manganese and copper amongst others. These minerals also have a range of 18 amino acids that have been formed over the course of 38 million years.


Fulvic acid and mineral complexes were formed from plant and root systems that reached deep into the earth over 38 million years ago. These root systems tapped into rich sources of inorganic minerals that the plants would then convert into organic and friendly minerals via photosynthesis.

After these plants died, the organic minerals within their structures were deposited onto the surface of the earth. From here they were combined with fulvic acids that were created by the local soil microbes. This botanical life and death cycle then continued for millions of years, forming rare fulvic mineral deposits gradually over time.


The health benefits of fulvic minerals are vast and varied and this is because of their bio-electrolytic power When they are used regularly in supplements, fulvic minerals can stimulate the metabolism, act as a catalyst in respiration, increase the metabolism of proteins and increase the activity of multiple enzymes. Internally this can result in increased energy, reduced blood pressure, alleviated anaemia, restored electrochemical balance and other potential benefits that include rebuilding the immune system.

Externally, bio-electrically charged fulvic/humic minerals are beneficial in treating open wounds, healing burns with minimum pain or scarring eliminating discolouration due to skin bruises and helping to heal cuts and abrasions. Other benefits include healing insect and spider bites, treating rashes and skin irritations, neutralising poison ivy and oak, killing pathogens responsible for athlete's foot, as well as acting as a wide spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide.

Fulvic minerals have other benefits, the most interesting of which is enabling a clearer mind and better brain function. This is because the brain and its cells require 12 times more oxygen than other cells in the body and trace minerals bound to fulvic acid supply a trickle charge of bioelectrical energy that is vital for healthy cell function. Each of these minerals or trace elements carries a unique frequency of bio-electrical energy.


Fulvic minerals are particularly powerful because they contain over 70 electrolytes. These can act as either an acceptor or donor in creating electrochemical balance, working to neutralise the bad effects of free radicals when they find unpaired positive electrons, supplying an equal as well as opposite negative charge. If the free radicals carry a negative charge, the fulvic acid molecule can also supply any positive unpaired electrons, nullifying any charge.

This extra electrolyte energy can have a powerful impact on athletic performance, increasing stamina and endurance by supplying your muscles, ligaments and tendon cells with more than 70 electrolytes in their most effective form.

Fulvic trace minerals also have a soothing effect on arthritis and can relieve aches and pains more readily by ensuring that the body is able to manufacture anti-inflammatory enzymes to reduce the pain and swelling, associated with arthritic conditions. 2

It has been proven that it's essential for the body's cells to retain their electrical potential by remaining 'charged'. High quality electrolytes are vital for proper cellular functioning, because in molecular processes it enables the electrons to be set loose and transfers electrical current, therefore enabling the flow of ions. The conductivity of fulvic/humic minerals has been measured in a laboratory and it has been shown to have an electric potential of 132,000 us/cm at 25 degrees centigrade! This means that there is a powerful trickle charge available to all the cells, meaning that all cells will benefit from and be able to maintain cellular health and longevity.




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Fulvic Acid


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