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Why iodine supplement is needed

Why are doctors recommending iodine supplement today? An elementary element that is needed by the body is iodine. Trace quantities of this element are needed by thyroid gland for creating hormones that are required for balancing the metabolism of the body. Hyperthyroidism is condition that is a result of not receiving necessary quantities of this mineral in the diet. Symptoms are sluggish metabolism, weight gain, lower temperature of the body and depression. Just 70 micrograms of iodine is needed daily so that thyroid gland would function optimally. You need to be aware of the fact that other tissues store 70% of iodine in body.

Goiter Belt

It is true that iodine is required only in traces in the body yet once upon a time an epidemic occurred due to lack of consumption of iodine through diet as well as selenium that contributes to hypothyroidism in a big way in US. The latter is also a trace mineral that helps in converting the various thyroid hormones. Goiter Belt occurs in northern part of US. It was named so due to high rate of Goiter that is enlargement of thyroid gland. The reason for this is scarcity of minerals like selenium and iodine in soil.

Iodine supplement

Due to increase in cases of goiter, supplements of iodine became a solution in US. They were added to the table salt due to this reason. Nowadays table salt everywhere contains iodine. Such measures have resulted in considerable decrease in hypothyroidism and goiter though the former continues to be a major problem.

Excess iodine

Anything that is done in excess is bad. Hence it is natural that excess iodine would have consequences too. Excess iodine results in hyperthyroidism, which involves over activity of thyroid gland. This results in weight and hair loss, fatigue, insomnia and nervousness. This usually occurs when people misuse iodine supplement like kelp.

Iodine sources

Apart from iodine supplement in salt, the mineral is largely found in soil so that people who live inland get it through the produce that is grown on such soil, though it is available in traces. But this quantity is inadequate. In certain countries like China and Japan, goiter is nearly unheard of. Reason for this is East Asian diet. Seaweed is part of daily diet of people in East Asia.

Seaweed boasts high quantity of iodine that occurs naturally. Seaweed that is commonly used is Kelp. It is found in nearly all stores. It has iodine in high concentrations. People with thyroid glands that are underactive use kelp supplements as they have iodine in high amounts. The daily amount that is recommended is approximately 150 micrograms. Generally we can take a maximum of 8 times the amount without any side effects however this could depend on source of iodine itself.


Generally iodine supplement is not needed as table salt contains the mineral in plenty but in case of thyroid that is underactive, natural supplement of iodine like kelp would be useful. You could use a tablespoonful of granules of kelp added to yogurt or smoothies daily for some weeks for amazing results.

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