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Prostate Plus+™ Can Help Support:

  • Overall Prostate Health
  • Prostate Recovery
  • Prostate Maintenance
  • Healthy Urination
  • Healthy Prostate Cells

A Powerful Non-Drug Formula with Activating Enzymes for Maximum Absorption and Therapeutic Effect


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If you’re male and over 40 you MUST consider looking after your prostate health!

Prostate problems affects 1 in 3 men over 40… and for 1 in 13 men over 40 that disease will be serious. If you or your loved one is in this age group you must act NOW.

Each year 40,000 men undergo painful surgery. This leaves many incontinent, impotent and infertile! Going under the knife is not a solution…

Prosaate Plus is A powerful non-drug, NATURAL vitamin, herb, and mineral formula with activating enzymes for maximum absorption and therapeutic effect.

Over 23 important nutrients with a raft of good studies have been combined to deliver what we consider to be the most effective formula available. An example is Vitamin D3 from a vegan source supplying up to 5000IU per day – the highest available.

See the following recommendations: 

Maintenance Dose: 2-4 Capsules per day

Elevated Dose: 4 Capsules per day

Saturation Dose: 8 Capsules per day

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Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus
Prostate Plus+™ Can Help Support: Overall Prostate Health, Prostate Recovery, Prostate Maintenance, Healthy Urination, Healthy Prostate Cells
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