HemaGel® - 5gm - effective relief from skin trauma

HemaGel® - 5gm - effective relief from skin trauma
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HemaGel offers fast, effective relief from skin trauma by the use of two medical breakthroughs.

  • Free Radical Binding Technology
  • Effective Relief for All Types of Skin Trauma
  • Surgical Wounds
  • Burns and Blisters
  • Venous and Arterial Ulcers and More

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Firstly, it involves covering the area in a moist layer that does not absorb into the tissue, but offers a barrier against outside toxins and further damage. This allows the body to heal itself naturally and has been proven to provide a quicker, less painful healing process than dry wound healing.

Secondly, the hydrophilic gel also cleans up free radicals from the wound. Whenever there is a cut in body tissue the area is attacked with harmful free radicals which cause pain and prevent the cut from healing effectively. The free radical binding technology of HemaGel removes this problem, this helps to prevent further trauma to the wound.

Two major clinical trials have confirmed the reliability, versatility, and power of hydrophilic gel.

The first, conducted in 2009, proved that HemaGel works by providing care for conditions as varied as venous and arterial ulcers, bedsores, surgical scars, and excoriations, the product was shown to help all types of skin trauma more effectively than other treatments, and with no adverse effects. The average age of patients involved was 74, and over a quarter were diabetics. Therefore the use of a topical treatment was greatly more beneficial than more intrusive methods.

A second 2010 study proved the efficacy of the gel in post-natal care, particularly with the common perineal pain caused by delivery. It also proved to be an effective alternative to sterile dressing – crucial for areas under constant contamination where dressing is not possible.

If applying gel to an acute wound such as a burn, cut, blister or abrasion, simply clean the area and cover the entire fissure with a small amount of gel. Then apply an adhesive bandage. If required, change the bandage at least every 24 hours. In the case of small facial wounds, such as acne or cold sores, apply a small amount to the affected area and leave uncovered.

If treating a severe, recurring or ongoing wound (known as a chronic wound), first clean the area fully, ensuring the removal of any necrosis (dead tissue). Apply the gel, ensuring that it completely covers the wound, and secure a non-woven, low elasticity bandage. The dressing should remain airtight and be replaced every 24 hours or according to the severity of the wound. Always consult a physician when treating chronic conditions.

In each case, the gel will swell and bulge as it absorbs harmful free radicals. Its unique non-adhesive formula will also ensure easy and painless wipe-off removal.

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